3 cryptos that are talking about them at the moment: the right time to buy?

If the crypto market has been going through a low period for months, the interest aroused by certain projects does not dry up. If this interest is shifting depending on market conditions, let’s zoom together on 3 projects that could stand out on a longer-term perspective.


IMPT is an ambitious crypto project that aims to bring ecology and blockchain together. By attacking the carbon credit market, project leaders aim to create a virtuous ecosystem between companies, individuals, but also very big brands. In a simplified way, IMPT allows ecosystem players to limit their carbon footprint by acquiring carbon credits. The project then rewards users in the form of NFTs, when they burn the granted credits. Within this project, the big brands play a leading role, because they decide which projects are eligible for the program.

IMPT already has more than 10,000 partnerships with major brands such as Hugo Boss and Apple. The following diagram provides a better understanding of how the IMPT project is structured:

As of this writing, the IMPT project has already raised over $3.7 million. A feat to highlight when you know that the token is not in presale only since Monday, October 3. The first phase of the token sale at the preferential price of $0.018 per unit must be completed no later than November 25. Or when the cap set at $10.8 million has been reached. At the rate at which the pre-sale is going, it is difficult to imagine that the first phase will go until the end of November. There will then follow two phases of sales at higher prices. The project roadmap, accessible from the whitepaperexpects a listing on the exchanges during the second quarter of 2022.

Current course: $0.018 (price of the first presale phase)

Marketcap : Not available

2 – Tamadoge (TAMA)

The Tamadoge project is a Play to Earn type game that allows users around the world to raise and train a virtual creature. A kind of tamagotchi with web3 sauce. Creatures are represented in the form of NFTs. Concretely, through a marketplace, players can buy food for their creatures or even customize them. The objective of the game is to make your creature progress by making it fight against those of other users. The TAMA token is the central token of the ecosystem. It is through this token that players will be rewarded and will be able to buy accessories on the marketplace.

Despite the bear market, the Tamadoge project had a very successful launch. During the pre-sale of the token, nearly $20 million was raised in just 8 weeks. Like other projects before it, Tamadoge opted for a pre-sale launch with different price points. A few days after the end of the presale, the asset even came to flirt with the $0.20 mark. Or 20 times the price that was his during the first presale phase.

If the token failed to limit the “pump and dump” effect, the project’s roadmap could encourage a return of the jeton TAMA towards the peaks. Indeed, Tamadoge is working behind the scenes to offer its first NFT collection. It should be out on October 13. The project leaders are currently building the Tamaverse, the in-house metaverse within which users will be able to compete.

Current course: 0.03474 $

Marketcap : 36 million dollars

3 – XRP (XRP)

In recent weeks, the eyes of the crypto world have been on Ripple’s XRP token. Because within a few weeks, the judge in charge of the Ripple lawsuit – SEC could make final findings on the case.

For many observers, there is a good chance that Ripple will emerge victorious from this project, the stakes of which are notably linked to the classification of the XRP token. This optimistic trend can already be found in the figures and the evolution of the price of the token in recent weeks. Over the past 30 days, XRP has largely outperformed the market. Indeed, over the period, the project has just gained more than 38% in value. At the same time, Bitcoin and Ethereum drop 14% and 25% respectively. The day before yesterday, the token went back above the threshold from $0.50. In the longer term, some expect the token to be over $10.

If this hypothesis still seems very distant, Ripple is part of a very popular theme: the appropriation of cryptographic techniques by banks. With the deployment of many CBDCs by central banks, the Ripple business could continue to fill its order book. And see the price of XRP fly away for good!

Current course: 0.4887 $

Marketcap : $24.4 billion

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