74% drop in the number of players on Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is one of the most popular PE2 games in the industry. Moreover, it has long prided itself on having millions of monthly players. However, the hype seems to have come down again as Axie Infinity’s player count has fallen back to January 2021 levels.

What explains the drop in the number of players on Axie Infinity?

Figures just shared by gaming stats site Activeplayer show a 74% drop in Axie Infinity’s player count. This compared to the highest levels reached just ten months ago. The average monthly number of players thus rose to 701,447, figures which are close to those of January 2021. Remember that the game had managed to register nearly 2.78 million monthly players before the crypto winter arrives. Gradually, it lost players, including more than 1.2 million last June.

The bear market may be a factor, but it doesn’t explain everything. Since January, trading volumes of NFT dropped by nearly 98%, which was bound to be a game-changer for games like Axie Infinity. The game mechanics have also changed, which has relatively contributed to the departure of a large number of players. Note that the game had generated huge gains when it was launched, thus strengthening its appeal to gamers. Since then, many players have noticed that the price of the SLP, which is the reward token of the PE2 game, has dropped by more than 95%.

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The AXS token also registers a notable drop

There are other reasons that may explain the decline. We also recall the use of Ronin Bridge d’Axie Infinity for the modest sum of 600 million dollars. This has indeed undermined gamers’ trust in the GameFi ecosystem. Even though the developers have tried to recover funds from users, what’s done is done. Added to this is the controversy surrounding the fact that the game Axie Infinity requires a high financial investment. This hinders certain types of players from registering and participating in the game.

If the rate of registration and participation in the jeu Play-to-Earn (PE2) is down, it’s not the only one. Indeed, if we refer to the price history of the AXS token, we realize that the asset has also shown a gradual decline over the past few months. After passing through the support zone from $12.4, it is approaching the $8.9 area. The long and short moving averages (MA) are also below the price. For analysts, the price movement remains reasonable, but to hope for an increase, the price would have to overcome the resistance of the short MA.

L’alternative à Axie Infity : Battle Infinity

You should know that it’s not just Axie Infinity that allows you to earn money by playing. Battle Infinity is an alternative to try. Combining cryptocurrencies, gaming and blockchainthe game earns unique items, skins, and other equally lucrative rewards for those who top the leaderboards of the top players.

Based on a transparent Play to Earn system, crypto gambling gives real opportunities to make money and have fun at the same time. Note that the rewards can then be exchanged for IBAT, which is the Battle Infinity token.

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