Amadeus Capital Partners Takes Part In Funding Round Of Insurance Tech Company BlockClaim

A global technology investor called Amadeus Capital Partners took part in a seed funding round of an Insurance tech company called BlockClaim. Pragmatica, Toby Clarke, Alan Armitage, and Ninety CIC also took part in the funding round.

BlockClaim was created in a public research university called Imperial College London. Advanced data science techniques are used by the company for facilitating an AI-driven fraud filtering to insurers. These techniques aren’t only used for facilitating the AI-driven fraud filtering, but these techniques are also used for facilitating a blockchain claim automation to the insurers.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at the insurance tech company BlockClaim Niels Thoné said, “BlockClaim brings the insurance industry into the digital age with state-of-the-art engineering which couples the power of machines and distributed ledger technology with over two decades of industry experience. The rapid advancement of data science allows us to provide unprecedented objectivity and context automatically in areas that were hitherto only subjective. This makes it much harder for fraudsters to pass through the net.”

The global technology investor Amadeus Capital Partners was set up in the year 1997. It is located in London, England. Over 130 companies were supported by BlockClaim. A passion related to the transformative power of technology is shared through a team of Amadeus Capital team. Consumer services, financial technology, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, medical technology, digital health, and digital media are the areas where the investor invests, according to the official LinkedIn account of Amadeus Capital Partners.

The insurance tech company BlockClaim has secured £500,000 ($627,000) in the funding round, BlockClaim reported. It was established in the year 2018. It is also located in London, England. Increase fraud detection with 15%, reduce settlement times with 50%, reduce operational costs with 70$, zero impact on IT roadmap, and industrial grade security are the benefits of BlockClaim, according to the official LinkedIn account of BlockClaim.


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