Binance launches free cryptocurrency courses

In the field of blockchain, knowledge is always the most important aspect to determine success. Therefore, it is essential to provide educational materials. This is how Binance, the largest crypto trading platform in the world, has embraced the notion of education by offering courses, quizzes and video modules to help users better understand the world of crypto currencies.

Additionally, Binance Academy will also issue non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in circulation as certificates for those who successfully complete their courses. This is a new way to further encourage users to take part in Binance’s crypto, NFT, and Web3 education program. Furthermore, it puts Binance ahead of other crypto exchanges that have yet to embrace the use of NFTs to attest to the level of people who have taken courses on the Web3.

Binance’s free courses are rich in content

The course modules offered by Binance are very comprehensive and cover a wide variety of cryptocurrency-related topics. Among these subjects are courses related to the blockchain, the different digital currencies or the crypto wallets to store your digital assets.

In addition, the trainings also cover more advanced topics such as cryptocurrency technical analysis, fundamental analysis or chart analysis. There is ultimately something for everyone, whatever your current level of knowledge of cryptocurrencies and Web3 more generally.

So, according to the news mentioned on various crypto newsBinance course modules will soon be available in over 30 different languages, allowing users around the world to enhance their understanding of cryptocurrencies.

It’s also another way Binance takes care of its community by making courses easily accessible.

The importance of lifelong education according to Binance

The importance of ongoing education on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology cannot be overemphasized, especially if you are considering investing in digital assets.

Indeed, the sector is constantly evolving and new projects are constantly emerging. It can therefore be very difficult to keep your skills up to date.

However, by following Binance courses and blog posts like ours, you can be sure that you are always kept informed of what is happening in the crypto world.

NFTs to encourage users to train with Binance

As mentioned earlier, one of the most innovative aspects of Binance’s new educational program is that the platform will issue NFTs as certificates to those who successfully complete their courses.

It’s a great way to encourage users to take part in the program while providing them with a tangible asset that they can show off to others.

Additionally, it gives Binance a leg up on other crypto exchanges that have not yet adopted the use of NFTs in a similar way.

Binance’s new education program is a great initiative to train and educate investors.

With its content-rich courses, drive to put its community first, and innovation in issuing NFTs as certificates, Binance is positioned as the undisputed leader in CEX (centralized platforms).

With over 30 languages ​​supported and new courses added all the time, there really is something for everyone.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced investor in the world of cryptocurrency, the Binance Academy will undoubtedly have some nice surprises in store for you.

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