BitMEX has appointed a new CEO

Resignations and dismissals are linked in the crypto market and BitMEX is no exception. Indeed, after the resignation of several other executives of competing companies, it is the turn of the CEO of BitMEX, Alexander Hoeptner to leave his company. A resignation which will not be without consequence on the notoriety of this famous crypto trading platform.

BitMEX CEO Alexander Hoeptner s’en va

And the CEO of the crypto trading platform BitMEX in the person of Alexander Hoeptner has filed his resignation. He thus left his position within the company and was replaced by the financial director of BitMEX, until another personality was named.

Although resignations are relatively common among finance executives, especially when economic goals are not met, Alexander Hoeptner’s resignation is more surprising.

Indeed, at the beginning of October, Alexander Hoeptner had announced the launch of BMEX by the end of this year. BMEX is the new native token of BitMEX. Also, it is quite rare for a commander to jump ship just as he is about to launch one of the most important financial operations of the year.

If it were only about the resignation of Alexander Hoeptner, one could say that this departure is not of such capital importance.

However, many other high-profile crypto industry executives and staff have also resigned or been fired. We can think in particular of Brett Harrison, the president of FTX US or the co-founder of Polkadot Gavin Wood.

Do all these personalities feel the tide turning on the cryptocurrency market in 2022? Do they anticipate difficult months or years for the cryptocurrency sector?

Is this simply the collateral damage of a crypto bear market that is bringing with it the departure of many decentralized finance players? Or is the reason for all these changes somewhere else?

Indeed, the year 2022 has not been easy for the majority of crypto exchanges. If the last few months have been complicated for companies specializing in crypto currencies, this period has been nightmarish for the majority of individuals and investors in cryptos.

This has also caught the attention of regulators who have taken advantage of it to extend their dominance in the digital currency market.

Also, it should be added that several institutions have decided to look into the issue of the regulation of cryptocurrencies via a stricter legal framework, in principle to protect consumers.

We can think in particular of the latest actions of the SEC, the CFTC and, to another extent, the FED.

Finally, the reason that explains the resignations of many executives in the cryptocurrency sector is a bit of all of this at the same time: sluggish economic performance, a faltering crypto market and cryptocurrency regulation that will probably complicate the task. managers of these companies to recover in the context of the bear market.

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