Calvaria vs Illuvium: what will be the best NFT game in 2023?

The year 2023 We still have many surprises in store for us in the cryptocurrency sector and NFT games. The area des jeux Play to Earn should exceed the 2.85 billion euro mark by 2028. We all remember the success of the Axie Infinity game which went from just 0.10 USD to over 150 USD! What will be the best NFT game in 2023 ? In this article, we present two high potential NFT games : Calvaria and Illuvium.

Calvaria: the best NFT game in 2023?

Calvaria Duels of Eternity is a NFT game who could well be talked about in 2023.

The project is very ambitious. In particular, it is a question of creating an accessible game capable of compete with the titans of the industry of the game thanks to a sustainable and remunerative model for the players.

The game is still under developmentbut the principle of the game really puts us in suspense.

The aim of the game : Defeat your opponents by becoming the ultimate force on the game board. Players must compete around a game board using combat cards. The game should have its own token: the $RIA that it will be possible to use to settle NFT battle card purchases.

Each fight card will be considered a non-fungible asset (NFT). As soon as a player wins a battle card, he will thus become the owner of the battle card.

Here is a small overview of how the game works:

For that, players compete with battle cards. Unlike other games in the industry, like SplinterLands or Unchainedthe characters are expected to be in 3D.

To find out more, check out the video trailer:

Over $1.6 million raised!

The Calvaria ICO is a real success. The NFT game has already managed to raise more than 1.6 million dollars and it has just started the 4th phase of the presale of its token: the $RIA. The purchase of the token is possible via ETH or in stablecoins. The current price is set at 1 USDT for 40 $RIA. Investors interested in buying this token should hurry, as the price is expected to go to 1 USDT for RIA$33.33 during the next phase of the pre-sale.

To promote the gameCalvara has major supporters:, Kucoin,, ChainPlay and WindVane.

Crypto-assets are a risky investment.

Illuvium: the NFT game with stunning graphics

Illuvium is the latest P2E game flagship in the world of crypto-currencies.

We do not yet know all the details about this game because unfortunately it is still under development. The video trailer of the game Illuvium (in English) reveals however the practical information concerning this NFT game:

You can also register for the beta version on the site in order to participate in Illuvium Arena.

The first information reveals to us absolutely stunning graphics. The script really keeps us in suspense.

A sci-fi adventure with a well-rehearsed storyline!

It’s about a true sci-fi adventure insofar as the game evolves in an extraterrestrial world: the planet Illuvium. This is a real space exploration game where you are going to explore 7 dazzling alien landscapes all different from each other. You land on this distant planet with your crew, so the goal of the game is to expand the boundaries of your territory.

Go to the discovery of deadly wild beasts who rule the alien world. Every deadly beast is named after Illuvial in the game. There are over 100 Illuvials in game. Each Illuvial has extraordinary and unique abilities.

The game consists of collect all these NFT creatures, train and merge them to improve their power. The exploration of the wild world, as well as the fights that will be carried out in the game will allow you to accumulate points which you will then be able to use to buy NFT creatures. L’wild world exploration will allow you to collect all the characters of the Illuvium game.

The game is based on technology blockchain Ethereum. It is intended that each captured item (wild beast, harvested material, or crafted item) is a non-fungible token (NFT) in its own right. Each NFT object is verifiable on the Ethereum blockchain. It is therefore possible to collect and then trade NFTs on the market.

Game token: ILV

The game token plays an essential role. The token will be used to reward players who participate in the game. Earn ILV by participating in tournaments and events or by completing special quests.

The game marketplace

Several NFTs will be marketed on the game marketplace: Illuvials (the deadly beasts), the Illuvitars or the lands. The marketplace should play a leading role in the player compensationinsofar as each player will have the option of buying or selling a non-fungible asset (NFT).

Crypto-assets are a risky investment.

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