Elon Musk takes action: Twitter staff resigns and offices close

Closed ! – Elon Musk will have succeeded in make a large part of the staff of Twitter leave, but also many users of the blue bird. These departures could benefit decentralized social networks.

Exodus of staff: closure of Twitter premises

Recently, Elon Musk issued an ultimatum that he emailed to Twitter employees, asking them to commit to “working long hours at high intensity” or leave their office by November 17.

In a survey launched on the Blind application, 42% of 180 people who participated, chose the “Exit option, I’m free!” “. The large number of departures led to a temporary closure desks.

A quarter of respondents said they remained “reluctantly” with the company. Only 7% said they “clicked yes to stay, I’m hardcore.”

The premises of Twitter are empty, and the staff cannot access it until Monday, November 21the company having temporarily suspended all access badges.

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A playing card for decentralized social networks

Twitter is thus witnessing a massive departure of its employees, but not only! The social network would lose many users, since Elon Musk took over. Network users have looked for alternatives, and the decentralized social network Mastodon reportedly saw its number of users explode recently.

Can decentralized social networks compete with their web2 competitors?

In terms of numbers, last November 12, Mastodon said it added over a million new members, since Elon Musk completed the purchase of Twitter. A few days earlier, on November 3, MIT had reported that Twitter had lost about the same number of users since the founder of Tesla took the reins of the social network.

Mastodon is not the only alternative social network to Twitter which could seduce Internet users, whom the new management of the blue bird will have disappointed. The social network’s former CEO, Jack Dorsey, had revealed his decentralized social network, Bluesky Socialin October.

This new platform, powered by Bitcoin (BTC), would restore the control of their data to users. It would also feature portable user accounts, as well as “an open algorithm marketplace.”

Ethereum (ETH) co-founder Vitalik Buterin spoke about this uncertain future for Twitter in the hands of Elon Musk. The billionaire had already surprised everyone by bringing a sink when he stormed the premises of the blue bird. Internet users may not yet be at the end of their surprise.

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