Euro stablecoin (EUROC) lands on Avalanche (AVAX)

USDC stablecoin issuer Circle shook up the world of digital finance with the launch of EUROC, a euro-pegged stablecoin a few months ago. In a dynamic of development, the company announced to launch the stablecoin on the Avalanche blockchain. An initiative that promises to bring speed and efficiency to transactions.

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EUROC avalanche on the blockchain

EUROC is a regulated stablecoin, fully backed by euro reserves held in regulated financial institutions in the United States. Building on its success and listed on exchanges such as Coinbasethe euro stablecoin will be launched on the Avalanche blockchain, as weexplainnt our colleagues at CoinTelegraph.

The goal? allow theEUROC to continue developing their multi-Chain dreams. In this give-and-take, Avalanche will benefit from one more stablecoin to offer on its blockchain and will allow a better access to the euro as Circle Vice President Joao Reginatto explains.

“When we first introduced Euro Coin on Ethereum last year, we wanted anyone with an internet connection to have access to the Euro across borders and time zones. »

Joao Reginatto – Source : CoinTelegraph.

New payment possibilities for developers, optimized remittances, John Nahas, vice president of business development at Ava Labs expects good returns from this development towards multicurrency.

In addition to Avalanche, Circle continues to develop the single European currency crypto. Indeed, although the euro stablecoin, like the USDC, was first launched on Ethereum, EUROC’s goal of democratization has already made it travel on the blockchain Solana in November 2022.

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