Everything at a glance: That was what happened at Terra this week

The crash of the former flagship project Terra (LUNA) sent shockwaves into crypto space from which the ecosystem seems to be slow to recover. Meanwhile, the fallen star is in rapid succession. Here are the current developments of the week at a glance.

Do Kwon requests a hard fork at Terra

Earlier this week, Terra founder Do Kwon unveiled a second revival plan for his collapsed network. In it, the South Korean demanded, among other things, one Hard Fork. Specifically, the “old” chain should be called Terra Classic, while the new chain will continue to operate under Terra. In addition, the focus of the project should be shifted to Defi applications and separate from the failed stablecoin UST.

However, the Terra community was all but sympathetic to the proposal excited. At the current time, over 7,000 users took part in the poll part. 91 percent of the votes rejected the proposal. The vote among the validators is still ongoing, so far a contrary picture has emerged.

Terra Legal quits

On Wednesday then further negative reports from Terra. This is how three leaders of the legal department are supposed to have quit service. That’s from the LinkedIn-Profiles of those responsible emerged.

Do Kwon face legal consequences?

Legal support for Terra is now more important than ever. Like on Friday famous was, injured South Korean investors filed a class-action lawsuit against the former star project of Do Kwon have submitted. Among other things, the confiscation of the South Korean’s property is in the room. The law firm LKB & Partners is also reviewing lawsuits against Shin Hyun-Seung, co-founder of Terraform Labs, who says he left the project in 2020.

In addition, the authorities in the Southeast Asian country are now said to be investigating tax evasion initiated against the founder of the crypto project.

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