Farewell Elrond, welcome MultiversX! 11 innovations for the Web3 of tomorrow

Yesterday, Wednesday October 23, 2022, was the first day of the Elrond’s X Day lecture. An event planned to take place over 3 days, on the prestigious site of the Palais Brongniart. And if this great Parisian mass, the first of its kind for this ecosystem still in full development, is probably far from having revealed all its promises yet, it is already time to expose its rich substance. Payment cards, new approach to Decentralized Finance (DeFi), metaverse… overview of an avalanche of innovations and surprises.

The birth of the MultiversX

Exit the very geek and very self-referenced “Elrond”. The project indeed quickly announces the color on this first day, by revealing a new strong identity, entirely oriented towards the fundamental trend of the moment: the metaverse.

Elrond Network thus becomes MultiversX. A decision which, if it will probably disturb for a few days the aficionados of what was until today the ecosystem Elrond Network, is obviously intended to be adapted to current developments in the industry, against the backdrop of the emergence of the Web3 continent.

This is how, in front of an attentive audience, made up of as many officials (like Jean-Noel BarrotDelegate Minister for the Digital Transition and Telecommunications or the Romanian Minister Sebastian Burduja in charge of research) as well as entrepreneurs mobilized on the ecosystem, that the MultiversX team unfolded all day the different facets composing a project as ambitious as it is unprecedented.

It should be noted in passing that the choice of Paris is not insignificant. In addition to the presence of a strong and very dynamic French-speaking community that was to be honored in the operation, the very existence of a summit of this scale also embodies the national will to make France the famous “Web3 Hub”.

Of course, the expression will make the most cynical smile. It should be noted, however, that from the organization of the Binance blockchain week 2022 in the capital to the decision to set up the European headquarters of Binance, then of Crypto.com in France, which could pass for a vague political posturing, now seems to be materializing more and more.

We will insist on this aspect insofar as the MultiversX team has never made a secret of its desire to make governments and administrations objective allies, based on compliance with the various compliance and compliance frameworks.

However, MultiversX also seeks to comply with crypto industry standards by proposing architectures that are as decentralized as possible, putting the sovereignty of the individual and the full ownership of their digital assets in particular, at the center of the equation.

A policy of “at the same time” itself finally quite in trend, which pushes the project to be present on many fronts simultaneously in recent years. Whether it’s assisting the Romanian government via NFTs in the management of national domain names, acquiring a world-class payment provider, or obtaining a European banking license.

Legacy of several years of growth in all directions, it was therefore time to bring together this universe of ambitions within a common galaxy called MultiversX.

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“In the MultiversX of madness”, Web3 as you’ve never seen it before

Although the new concept of Web3 is increasingly invading our daily lives, its definition and even its very perimeter are still subject to interpretation.

However, on this oh so strategic subject for the future, MultiversX wants to be an explorer and scout to offer a whole new approach. The CEO of MultiversX Beniamin Mincu insists that much of what you think you know and anticipate about the metaverse is imprecise, and possibly even wrong.

“Everything you’ve heard about the Metaverse is wrong. The Metaverse is a new type of language, a new mode of communication and a new way of seeing the “city” of the future. But why do we need to have this conversation about the Metaverse?

It’s all about timing, because we’re about to revolutionize learning, entertainment, and social interaction. Not everything we’ve seen so far is a metaverse, and especially not “metaverse games”.

The Metaverse is not just Crypto + Web3 + Games. The Metaverse is not outside our real universe, but inside, perhaps as an overlay of our reality including Augmented and Virtual Reality? »

Beniamin Mincu, reported by xFoudres

And beyond his vision of the subject, MultiversX is now moving towards the provision of a set of tools, services and platforms, combined in such a way that they become so many gateways to the digital uses of tomorrow. Overview.

xPortal, the new Maiar App

We already had the opportunity to talk on the JDC about one of Elrond’s most emblematic services: l’application Maiar.

Often referred to as a “Killer App”, this smartphone application includes a non-custodial wallet, DeFi mechanisms, but also NFT management options and decentralized interactions with other services in the ecosystem.

Maiar App becomes xPortaland further strengthens its position as a nerve center and gateway to the universe MultiversX. XPortal is transformed in the operation into a decentralized messaging application (goes the famous herotags) and reinforces its dimension of social interaction tools And if that makes you think of something, it is perhaps normal.

Xportal also introduces a customizable avatar and will be available in Q1 2023.

Obviously, as a “portal”, xPortal will act as a gateway to the metaverse… xWorlds

xWorlds: the future of the metaverse

Presented at the end of the day, the xWord demo left no one indifferent, immediately bringing to mind the work carried out by Yuga Lab (the entity behind the famous NFT Bored Apes). Will we be surprised to find that Nicole Munizthe CEO of Yuga Lab is one of the speakers on day 2?

Very impressive visually xWorlds presents itself as an open metaverse, where it will be possible to massively participate and socialize. In addition, the environment is presented as “business-ready”, with, as always with this team, a large part given to the concrete and effective use of its services by its users and its community.

Your avatar via xPortal will be able to interact in the metaverse or even chat via a messaging feature, earn experience points, a large place is given to gamification.

In particular, it will be possible to earn crypto assets by creating or playing in the metaverse, the avatar being able to move from one metaverse to another, then to use these earnings to buy a pair of sneakers in the real world.

XWorlds will be testable for the first time in beta version on December 10 on https://multiversx.com/xworlds and expects its first 10,000 users on this occasion.

xMoney crypto et xMoney Fiat

Utrust et Twispaytwo recent acquisitions of Elrond respectively become xMoney crypto et xMoney Fiat

Two entities dedicated to different roles, but integrated under a common banner: xMoney

xMoney, the game changer in partnership with Mastercard

While this was probably the least startling “revelation” of all (everyone noted Mastercard’s presence as an X Day sponsor), MultiversX presented several payment cards, associated with its universe of services.

Through a partnership with Mastercard xPortal will thus offer a “cards” function which will combine a virtual card as well as two physical cards. These maps are presented as the “first credit cards of the multiverse”.

One is carbon neutral plastic, the other “diamond” and a premium card. They will offer different options including cashback. Availability: first quarter of 2023.

Portal payment cards

xFabric, the no-code platform to become an architect of the Metaverse

XFabric is presented as a platform/toolkit for creators and anyone who wants to build in the metaverse, even without any prior technical skills.

The public of the X Day being in particular composed of entrepreneurs and builders, it is an understatement to say that this innovation made the eyes shine.

XFabric offers a set of applications for the physical and virtual worlds. This solution was built with two types of audience in mind: creators and the marques wishing to set foot in Web3, and institutions.

The tools are designed to allow creation on the blockchain without using a single line of code. It offers fully customizable solutions of modules and functionalities, ready to be deployed instantly. The objective is to help artists and creators to monetize their work, and thus to initiate a new wave of creativity.

It is also a question of allowing companies, brands, to take the turn of Web3 thanks to ready-to-use solutions. Emphasis has also been placed on security, with the introduction of a “deep truth module”, which allows guarantee digital integrity users and to counter “deep fakes”.


Formerly Inspire.artthe ecosystem’s NFT aggregator is given a new design and a total overhaul.

The objective: to create a real hub for NFT projects and highlight the most successful ones, in order to allow artists to be discovered. The search functions have been improved, with the possibility also to filter the collections according to the traits, or to consult the classification of the tokens.

In order not to weigh down the subject unnecessarily, let us simply point out for the moment that the other Elrond flagships all also benefit from this fundamental overhaul. So Maiar Wallet will now be called xWalletElrond Explorer becomes xExplorerElrond Bridge (Ad Astra Portal) s’appellera xBridgesand the Maiar Launchpad will take the name of xLaunchpad. A total of 11 constellations for a galaxy definitely full of promise.

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