FTX bankruptcy: creditors have until September 29 to make their claim

New step in the procedure. While rumors about the relaunch of FTX continue to circulate and that the revelations about gang practices at Sam Bankman-Fried never cease to disgust the old users, the latter are invited to register on a new platform dedicated. By court order, each former client will therefore have to complete a Proof of Claim – proof of claim – before the end of next September.

FTX asks creditors to file a Proof of Claim by September 29…

The June 28 last, the Delaware District Bankruptcy Court therefore officially announced, via an order, the launch of a space for the registration of claim forms. Each former customer must, before the September 29 2023, specify the nature of its assets (crypto, fiat currency or NFT) and the Rising in US dollars.

According to the same document, each customer will receive an email that will tell them exactly what to do. American customers are particularly affected, unlike Japanese or even Europeans whose procedure will be slightly different. As a reminder, we had compiled in an article published at the end of April all the information for French users.

Message that can be read on the new FTX customer claims portal – Source: claims.ftx.com

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…on an online portal that will open soon

The portal in question is currently not accessible, a message stating that it should be ” in the coming weeks “ and that the information would be communicated on social networks by the official accounts of the platform. The filing of complaints does not only concern FTX.US since the list of companies concerned by this new form has more than 100 entities.

The current leaders of FTX have made available to their customers a set of tools to understand the procedure on the website of their partner Kroll Inc. It is possible to find the various forms, a Frequently Asked Questions, a calendar of upcoming deadlines as well as all the necessary contact details in the event of specific questions or complaints.

The justice therefore follows its course and the liquidators of the platform continue their efforts to try to honor the debts of the society. However, there is still no question of reimbursement, even if the teams of John Ray III work at a RELAUNCH of the exchange making it possible to fill a gap of 2 billion the dollars and clear all debts.

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