FTX: The opening of the claim portal is on its way

You have a message. No. It wasn’t your letter for Hogwarts that you received this morning, but possibly an email from FTX the company founded by the infamous Sam Bankman-Fried now mired in a bankruptcy proceedings, handled by John Ray III. In this regard, a communication importante was sent to all FTX clients this morning, advising them of the deadline for submitting proofs of credit.

What to remember about FTX’s communication

Today, FTX clients received an important email informing them of the deadline for submitting Proofs of Claim in the bankruptcy proceedings of FTX Trading Ltd. and its affiliated debtors.

The email, distributed by the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware, sets September 29, 2023 as the deadline for each person or entity with a Customer Claim to submit proof of claim under of the bankruptcy proceedings of FTX Trading Ltd. and its affiliated debtors.

Mail regarding the opening of the FTX complaint portal – Source

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The complaint procedure in a few points

Nothing new under the sun therefore, however, this email summarizes the various steps to come within the framework of the complaint procedure. A few points to remember:

  • A complaint form has been set up (the necessary information on this one is in this article);
  • FTX clients/victims havet until September 29 to complete the complaint form specifying the nature of the assets held;
  • The proof of claim will then have to be completed via Kroll Inc.;
  • They will then need to access the claims.ftx portal to complete a claims procedure.

You should also refer to a code clientassigned previously, to access information on the amounts programmed in the context of the bankruptcy procedure.

The bankruptcy therefore follows its course and the batch of lawsuits and other procedures put in place herald a long process for investors who are victims of the crash of an entire ecosystem built on a house of cards. Faced with the scale of the procedures, a mutual aid group exists, do not hesitate to join him for more information on ongoing proceedings.

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