Hubii is a content aggregator who has launched a Blockchain film funding platform called hubii film at an event. The platform was launched during the 71st Cannes Film Festival. More than 50 leading film producers across the world were convening at the event. The first film of hubii is announced to be funded.

A Microsoft & BBC media technology veteran Tony Henderson and various film executives convened at hubii. Ian Davies is one of the executives who has involved in 60+ feature films convened at hubii.

The funds will be raised for the first project through the platform. The first project is the documentary Bitcoin Goldrush (Iceland). Hlín Jóhannesdóttir (Land Ho, The Swan) will produce the project. Rob Alexander (Gary Numan: Android in La La Land) will be the director of the project.

The development of a Bitcoin industry in the nation after the financial crisis will be documented by the Bitcoin Goldrush (Iceland). The nation is popularly known for a low crime rate. It isn’t only popularly known for the low crime rate, but it is also famed for a geothermal-powered electricity system.

Tokens creation is allowed through this new way. Tokens can be created for specific productions.

A secure and easy-to-use ecosystem is provided. The ability for accepting and managing fiat and cryptocurrency are included in the ecosystem. The ecosystem doesn’t only include this ability but also includes a wallet and a distributed exchange.

Film projects with a decentralized marketplace are provided through the blockchain film funding platform Hubii film. Changing two processes for filmmakers is a focus. Accessing new funding sources is the first process while promoting support during the fundraising phase is the second process.

The content aggregator Hubii collaborates with hundreds of media outlets and large distributors. Phone manufacturers and telecom companies are these large distributors. This collaboration helps 50 million customers on a daily basis. The augmentation of its existing business with blockchain technology is decided in the year 2017. Making content distribution faster, more transparent, and more relevant has evolved into a vision, began as a project. The vision is of an ecosystem. The ecosystem consists of blockchain tools. Every form of contents and a complete product cycle, including funding, creation, sharing, verifying, monetizing and managing are included.

One Twitter Post from (Film) Fan Carpet@thefancarpet:

The Cannes Festival is formerly known as an International Film Festival. It was set up in 1946. It is an annual film festival held at the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès, Cannes, France. It is usually carried out in the month of May. Previewing new films of all genres is a purpose of this festival. Worldwide documentaries are also previewed, according to Wikipedia.

The blockchain film funding platform Hubii film is recognized as a blockchain finance marketplace for content creators. A platform called production marketing platform is included. The platform isn’t only included, but tools are also included. The tools can be used for driving ongoing coin awareness and value. Incentives and other marketing tools for increasing the value of tokens can be used. A full marketplace with wallet, exchange, and fiat conversion is provided. Productions will have their own unique coin on the blockchain. They can use their coin for trading in the secondary market only after the initial funding raise. The integration of a payment product called striim will be done at a distribution level. Payments by customers will be enabled. Producers can engage token holders through benefits. Tickets to see the movie, voting rights on various decisions, access to special or behind the scenes events, etc are the benefits, Fan Carpet reported.

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