Istanbul Blockchain Week: Crypto Community Enthusiasm Stronger Than FTX’s Fall

November 14 marked the start of Istanbul Blockchain Week which takes place in a particularly charged context. This both because of the fall of FTX and its founder, Sam Bankman-Fried, but also because of an attack that shook Turkey a few days before.

An event that starts in a particular context

It is important to emphasize that Erhan Korhalillerthe organizer of the event and the founder of EAK Digital, as well as all the other speakers expressed their sincere condolences following the drama mentioned above.

Thus, this tense situation to which is added a significant downward trend in the markets since the beginning of the year has not diminished the interest of enthusiasts of the crypto ecosystem since more than 2,000 peoplemany of whom come from abroad, went to Istanbul Blockchain Week after the green light from local authorities.

The management teams of the Istanbul Blockchain Week, or IBW 2022, chose the Hilton Bomonti hotel in order to have enough space to offer relaxation areas in which the participants can discuss among themselves and networking.

In the main room mingle a number of artists and creators of the sector NFT, but also blockchain developers. They had the opportunity to carry out a project Web3 in common in a specific area of ​​the BWI called IstanHack.

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The crypto community faces the bear market with resilience

With the first announcement of IBW 2022 having been made at the start of the year, it makes sense to see the event’s schedule turned upside down by recent developments that have rocked the crypto landscape. Both investors and ecosystem players face a downward trend as well as a series of various hacks and collapses for several months.

The IBW 2022 agenda cuts across all sectors of the crypto ecosystem, be it decentralized finance (DeFi), blockchain gaming and the metaverse. One of the most important points of this event is this positive attitude focused on the construction and development of projects integrated into the blockchain universe. And this enthusiasm echoes what users of the crypto ecosystem sometimes refer to as bear market building.

During Istanbul Blockchain Week, multi-talented teams proposed ambitious blockchain projects and this after the collapse of FTX, one of the most important crypto exchange platforms in the ecosystem. CoinTelegraph reporters conducted a series of interviews with several of the attendees, including prominent industry players like David Chaum, CEO of Elixxir, and Dmitry Mishunin, CEO of HashEx.

What to remember from the enthusiasm generated by theIstanbul Blockchain Weekis that the crypto ecosystem is something sustainable that is able to weather bear market periods. Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are the cornerstones of a new industry much larger than the fall of FTX and the associated panic might suggest.

Cryptocurrency investing is offered by eToro (Europe) Ltd as a PSAN, registered with the AMF. Cryptocurrencies are very volatile. No consumer protection.

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