It is now possible to buy your own private jet on the metaverse

While in France the private jets of the ultra-rich are debated, we have found a much more ecological and affordable way to get one. Indeed, it is now possible to get a private jet in the metaverse. Let’s see together how it works.

For many still, the metaverse can seem very abstract. However, the concept continues to develop and we can now shop on the web3. There is a wide variety of products for sale on several online platforms. Now you can afford a private jet on the metaverse, something you couldn’t do in the real world.

Successful brands do not only have a presence in the physical world, they also have a place in the web3. The metaverse is in a way a extension of our world. Customers can now interact in a unique and immersive way with their favorite brands. In addition, a recent study has shown that people tend to stay longer on interactive 3D spaces rather than on conventional sites or mobile applications.

The products that can be purchased fall into 3 categories. First, we have the physical objectsthen the digital objects that we can wear in the metaverse for example. And finally we have the so-called “phygital” objects, that is to say the objects which combine the 2 previous ones. It can be a ring that has an NFT as proof of ownership and a digital version that can be worn online.

Crypto-assets are a risky investment.

Everyday products are still fun to buy on the metaverse. Now you can buy things that you couldn’t necessarily in the physical world. We are talking here about private jetsand it is possible thanks to Metaverse ColorWorld. It is owned by Color Star Technology, which is a Chinese entertainment technology company.

The company has just announced that private planes will be available for purchase at its mall. This mall can be found at ColorWorld or more specifically on mobile download platforms. If you don’t have the budget to buy a jet, it is always possible to charter one.

ColorWorld has achieved this feat by partnering with another company, Shenzhen Qianhai Bluejet Aviation Service Ltd. Bluejet. It is a global aviation service, with its metaverse headquarters now located at ColorWorld. Both companies believe that this collaboration will help strengthen each other’s brand.

The air connection is just the first step in a bigger plan for ColorWorld. The Color Star team will then endeavor to combine air ticketing services and hotel services, in order to create a prosperous environment for the aviation industry in the metaverse. The firm also plans to create a virtual airport to be able to fly in virtual reality.

More collaborations to come in the future

ColorStar CEO Farhan Qadir said:

“When we started creating the aviation service headquarters, many people were interested in our project, but what really interested people was how we were going to make this idea a reality. We are therefore about to make devices available to all public users. Potential buyers will be able to examine the products more closely thanks to virtual reality. Sellers will be able to sell aircraft and other related aviation services online and offline.”

The CEO also affirmed that their team is doing everything possible to research and development of air routes and air services. Their ultimate goal is not only to enable customers to benefit from tailor-made private flight services through the metaverse platform, but also to provide them with a wide variety of air services, air routes in ColorWorld through the use of the AI. They hoped to become the first company in the world to provide such services.

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