Ledger presents its new crypto wallet called Ledger Stax

In the midst of a crisis, the cryptocurrency market needs good news to recover from its collapse. Even though many lights are still red, for some companies, now is the perfect time to do good business.

So, while some are busy buying up failing crypto businesses or juggling numbers to stay afloat; others are blithely taking advantage of this crypto bear market to explode their turnover.

This is particularly the case of Ledger, a French company specializing in crypto storage wallets which has just put a new product on sale: the Ledger Stax.

Ledger Stax comes right after the fall of FTX

Ledger is a French company specializing in the design of hardware electronic wallets. For investors and traders in crypto currencies, this company needs no introduction since it is the leader in its market.

So, as the crisis continues to rock the crypto market, Ledger wallet crypto unveils its latest product. This is a new hardware e-wallet named Ledger Stax.

This new hardware e-wallet from Ledger physically resembles a small smartphone. At first glance, some have compared it to an iPhone or an Ipod.

According to Pascal Gauthier, the CEO of Ledger, this new hardware wallet came at the right time to solve a crucial problem.

Indeed, the fall of FTX and the numerous attacks against companies specializing in crypto currencies during the month of October made many investors lose confidence in the reliability of centralized platforms.

These latest events have also called into question the security of these platforms despite all their systems in place to protect the personal information and funds of investors.

For the latter, it is therefore essential to use a hardware electronic wallet in order to avoid hacks or the blocking of their crypto funds on the CEX. Ledger therefore jumped at the chance to launch the Ledger Stax and it’s already a full house!

Ledger Stax : L’Ipod des cryptos

Dubbed the iPod of cryptos, the new Ledger Stax hardware e-wallet is the result of a collaboration between the Ledger company and Tony Fadell, the creator of the iPod.

This is also what explains its light weight, its small size and its resemblance to the Ipod. For fans of the Apple brand and investors, this new crypto wallet is a godsend since it allows you to store more than 5000 different tokens in crypto currencies.

For example, users can store all their Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, Solana, Cardano holdings there. Even better, Ledger Stax can also store and protect NFTs.

Also, the device is equipped with a high definition E-ink screen. Moreover, thanks to its magnetic nature, users can easily stack several, on top of each other.

For investors, this stacking feature is very practical since it makes it easier to store all of their crypto wallets in the same space without losing or damaging them.

Finally and to finish, the Ledger Stax has a Bluetooth connection, a USB-C charging cable and it is compatible on IOS and Android as well as MacOS and Windows.

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