Metaverse Decentraland: a human wasteland? DappRadar corrects the situation

DappRadar dots the “i”s – Recent statistics from DappRadar on Decentralized show that the adoption of metaverse is not not as catastrophic than the figures released earlier in October suggested.

Decentraland: rather flattering statistics…

According to data from DappRadar at the time of writing, Decentraland is hosting daily 608 unique active wallets in the last 24 hours, compared to 2,080 and 7,130 in the last 7 and 30 days respectively.

Referring to Dapp Radar’s indications on its site, for each of these periods, these figures correspond to the number of unique addresses that have interacted with Decentraland smart contracts. To this end, the platform analyzes 3,553 smart contracts of the metaverse to produce this data.

Unique active portfolios therefore do not include people who just log into Decentraland, without interacting with these contracts. Users who go to the metaverse, to passively assist to an event, such as a virtual fashion weekare also excluded from these statistics.

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… after DappRadar sowed doubt

These details are important. These data caused controversy, when on October 7, the media took over the statistics from DappRadar. They indicated that Decentraland was not recording only 38 active users in the last 24 hours.

The metaverse could not remain silent in the face of this information. They suggested that the adoption of its platform was simply at the opposite extreme of its valuation which exceeds the billion dollars.

The metaverse then claimed that the number of monthly active users was 56 697 for the month of september of this year, with “1,074 users interacting with smart contracts”.

Decentraland denies DappRadar statistics – Source: Twitter

In turn, in an October 11 blog post, DappRadar had to clarify the statistics he provides. Aisni the platform had to point out that the data from the blockchain is immutable. So they can’t lie.

However, the platform qualified his remarks. She said this data does not necessarily mean the same for every decentralized application. They “ do not always give a complete picture of the situation”.

Active or passive? Decentraland and its competitors should therefore not be satisfied with attracting users to their universe. The platform that will register the highest engagement rate and achieve ” enable “ a large part of its users, could be the metaverse that dominatesto the world.

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