A multi-tier blockchain network called Aion Network’s ultimate goal is to boost the blockchain popularity around developers.

Aion Network has launched a new virtual machine (VM). The new VM is a blockchain-based machine built upon the top of the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Aion Virtual Machine (AVM) is the name of the new VM. The developers are now enabled in using their familiar toolset. Promotion of the immense blockchain usage was believed to be done with the development of a blockchain-based virtual machine (VM) on the JVM top.

Tools lacking in Java is said to be the interruption for the adoption of the blockchain more and widely. Java is recognized to remain as one of the most popular programming languages and the company didn’t want to do anything with Java. The company instead, wished to leverage this popularity and develop a blockchain interpreter. The blockchain interpreter which would be on the JVM top.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at the multi-tier blockchain network AION Network Matthew Spoke said, “Our big focus now is how do we take this message of building blockchain apps and take it into a more traditional software industry audience. Instead of trying to compete for the attention of crypto developers, we want the blockchain to become almost a micro service layer to what normal software developers are solving on a day-to-day basis,” TechCrunch reported.

Matthew Spoke has over five years of experience in the blockchain space. His professional career is committed to see this technology for achieving its potential. His professional career is also committed to see this technology for revolutionizing traditional markets. He had joined hands with some of the leading people around the globe on this topic. He is enthusiastic for further development of this technology, according to the official LinkedIn account of Matthew Spoke.

Matthew Spoke is also the founder of the multi-tier blockchain network AION Network.

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