Polygon Blockchain | Use by Indian Police

Indian police have launched the country’s first complaint portal powered by the Polygon blockchain. Even though cryptocurrencies may still face regulatory hurdles from the Indian government, the technology blockchain meanwhile, continues to be increasingly adopted.

Indeed, announced this week, the “Police Complaint on Blockchain” is built on Polygon’s modular blockchain, which offers a custom network for specialized features. In this specific case, the system allows accessibility to the FIR and in doing so helps to reduce instances of manipulation of police reports as well as the blocking of these reports.

Thus, the population of the Indian district of Firozabad, made up of 2.8 million citizens, will now have the possibility of accessing a new complaints portal which uses blockchain to prevent manipulative practices.

According les News cryptoCointelegraph, October 12, 2022, Sandeep Nailwal who is the co-founder of Polygon, announced that the Polygon blockchain protocol will now be used by the police of Firozabad in Uttar Pradesh in order to stop corruption and crime within the local police.

Called First Information Report (FIR), the platform allows crime victims to file complaints against local police officers without the complaints being manipulated by potential complaints officers.

With its modular architecture, the Polygon blockchain provides a customizable network for particular functionalities (learn more about Polygon et son token Matic). Thus, once the complaint has been registered on the site, the system produces a special, unforgeable number. In addition, it sends an automatic SMS and e-mail acknowledging receipt of the complaint.

Police stations will also receive a QR code, said IPS Ashish Tiwari. After being scanned, complainants will be directed to a specific form to complete. Airchain, which allows users to create blockchain networks with programmable functions, is part of the portal.

Nailwal said FIR on the blockchain provides assurance that reports cannot be denied by lower level officers. Through an announcement, he praised the police commissioner for going beyond the call of duty by initiating blockchain technology to do justice.

Kashif Raza, founder of Bitinning, a cryptocurrency education startup, said the first complaints portal on Polygon should notably provide benefits such as immutability, verifiability and easier to make deposits. of complaint.

The Polygon blockchain thus continues its race to adopt its technology. Recently, the project teams also announced a new partnership with the Ocean Conservation Exploration and Education Foundation (OCEEF). The objective is to promote knowledge of the oceans to the general public through the promotion of underwater missions.

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