The 3-in-1 crypto wallet: after Solana, Phantom exports to Ethereum and Polygon

Multichain – One of the most used crypto wallets in the Solana ecosystem officially lands on Ethereum and its second layer network Matic. This opens a bridge between the most dynamic blockchains in terms of NFT in particular. The future of cryptos promises to be interoperable and interconnected, to further streamline the user experience and open up blockchains and their users.

The Phantom wallet opens its arms to the Ethereum galaxy

The Phantom team communicated via a tweet to make public a long-term job: laying the first multichain bricks of the wallet. According to the fil TwitterPhantom completes a point of its roadmap, namely reaching out to Ethereum.

Thanks to the partnership set up with the Polygon (MATIC) teams, Phantom is therefore part of the Ethereum galaxy. The ETH network is still the main base for DeFi, NFTs and other “web3 services”.

Although Solana has managed to grab market share from Ethereum in the NFT sector, the top 5 platforms with the most volume remain largely in the colors of ETH and its layers 2.

Magic Eden is the only top 5 NFT marketplace based on Solana – Source: Dappradar

There’s no official date on the horizon yet, but invitations to test the public beta will be shared in the coming weeks. We can therefore reasonably expect several weeks to several months before everything is operational and above all, secure.

The Phantom wallet marks a major step forward for its users, who will soon have access to Ethereum and Matic as well as Solana in one place. This is quite practical to be active on several blockchains at the same time, without multiplying wallets and private keys.

Find our tutorial dedicated to the Phantom crypto walletone of the references of the Solana ecosystem.

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