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What Is Dogecoin? Complete Guide For Crypto Beginners-4

  • Where To Use

  1. Market: Stuffcoins, SuchList, BitcoinShop, DogeStuff’s Store, DogeLet, DogEshop, GamerzHeat, and shopDOGE (inactive)
  2. Food and Drinks: Strange Donuts, STEEM, Sarah’s Bake, Shop BitBurgers, Burger Bear, and Salts Worldwide Hosting
  3. Hosting: Sublime | GC Hosting, Craftonne Hosting, Doge Web Hosting, and AllGamer Goods
  4. Goods: Meltdown Comics, Brew City Gardens, Distinguished Imports, Vapeur Canada, Doge Door, Piaf Vintage French, Midwest Cord, Fat Jack’s Tash Wax, GoingGlobal, Mineral Pharmacy, and Lucid Posters
  5. Fashion: Fyrstikken, Shibeswag, DogeDayz, Fresh Doge, Life Sunglasses, and Threaded Concepts
  6. Services: Nodex, Graphix Designer, Super SeedBox, CJS CD Keys, Gamer Shibe, K/Hashes for Cash, PC Repariert, Ads4Doge, and Dogecoin Gift Cards
  7. E-books & Audio: Mike Connell Ministries
  8. Art: Bad Lizards, Blackbirds Studio, and dogma Portraits
  9. Travel: Veloleo
  10. Music: Quain Percussion
  11. Photography: Joey Stamp
  12. Pets: The Diamond Collar Gods Creatures
  • Dogecoin Exchanges

A Dogecoin (DOGE) exchange is an online DOGE business. Robinhood, Kraken, Poloniex, Coinbase, and Bitbns are cryptocurrency exchanges where customers can buy and sell DOGE. The customers can trade DOGE for other cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies like USD, EUR, and Yen.

To learn more about cryptocurrency exchanges, click on the link: Cryptocurrency Exchange: Complete Guide For Beginners-2

  • Dogecoin Wallets

Dogecoin wallets are used to store and secure your Dogecoin. Mentioned below are a few Dogecoin wallets:

  1. Hardware Wallet: Ledger Nano X Wallet, Ledger Nano S Wallet, TREZOR One Wallet, TREZOR Model T Wallet, and KeepKey Wallet
  2. Mobile Wallet: Jaxx Liberty wallet, Coinomi Wallet, Cryptonator Wallet, and Dogecoin Wallet
  3. Desktop Wallet: Atomic Wallet, Jaxx Liberty wallet, and Dogecoin Wallet
  4. Web: Jaxx Liberty wallet and Cryptonator Wallet
  • Market

It is one of the top-thirty cryptocurrencies. At the time of writing, the market cap and price of Dogecoin are $350,163,129 and $0.002901 respectively. While the volume and circulating supply are $18,289,849 and 120,718,103,017 DOGE respectively. 


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