What Is Initial Coin Offering (ICO)? Part-2

Your whitepaper shouldn’t only be descriptive, but it should be informative and engaging. The white paper of Ethereum is considered as the best whitepaper. While Ethereum is the most successful ICOs so far. In the Ethereum whitepaper, blockchain technology is described. An intention of building upon the development of an unknown person named Satoshi Nakamoto is also described. All these things are stated until the end of the first page. It is not necessary to describe an unabridged history of the blockchain. It is not also necessary to mention a story of a guy who paid 10,000 Bitcoin for a pizza. But it is necessary that a person with zero knowledge should understand your whitepaper easily.

Buyers should be engaged until the end of the first page of your website.

Establishing a better idea is a challenge!

  • Advertise

Your whitepaper should be advertised. You have to reach two targets.

First target: People with deep understandings of the way of working of cryptocurrency and ICOs.

Second target: People with no understandings of the way of working of cryptocurrency and ICOs.

Your team should continue to update activities related to your new project on Reddit and Twitter. Your ICO should be submitted to a few listings. Listings run databases of those ICOs which are qualitative according to them. You can approach either bloggers or vloggers to promote your LittleCoin. You will get people from these platforms who will be more excited about your ICO. 

The time will come when most people want to know about your LittleCoin. They would like to know about your token. You should have a prototype. You can easily prove this event using the prototype. They can make investments into your project. 

  • Celebrities Promote ICOs

Many celebrities encourage their followers to make investments in a new ICO. If a celebrity is promoting an ICO, then you will have to make sure at first whether the ICO is trustworthy.

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is a federal agency who has released a warning to people who make investments. In the release, it is stated that if celebrities endorse ICOs and don’t disclose about their compensation, then this endorsement will be illegal. 


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