Worldwide users can find, collect and send Dash (DASH) cryptocurrency using an Aircoins app. Dash is recognized as the top digital currency for payments and e-commerce who has collaborated with the Aircoins app. A random drop of Dash coins can be seen after downloading the Aircoins app. Smartphones can be used as an augmented reality pool.

The Dash coins will be available in 10 major cities worldwide. New YorkAmsterdamBangkok, and Medellin are the initial cities. Aircoins and Dash will use their social channels in order to communicate with other cities. @Dashpay and @arcoins_App are the channels. 

Aircoins is stated to be a key player for the innovation of the digital ecosystem. It is also stated to be a key player in pushing the boundaries related to an interaction between individuals and cryptocurrency. An aim of Aircoins is to educate about cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency education is not only the aim of Aircoins but providing cryptocurrency to a large number of people is one more aim. Both users and partners are helped in exploring new currencies through Aircoins.

Other coins in the Aircoins app can be exchanged into Dash (DASH) cryptocurrency soon. The Aircoins app is recognized as the leading cryptocurrency augmented reality (AR) app. It is the first app to integrate cryptocurrencies with AR. Users can be rewarded with cryptocurrency. Users no need to go through complicated verification/signup process. It is available on Apple Store and Google Play.

One Twitter Post From Aircoins App:

Dash (DASH) cryptocurrency is recognized as the rising alternative to Bitcoin. Millions of individuals and thousands of merchants & businesses can perform fast and secure transactions. More than 4,900 worldwide merchants accept Dash. Dash can be used in 90+ worldwide exchanges. It can be accessed through 700+ ATMs. It can be transferred into Dash-powered crypto wallets in no time. $1.3+ billion USD is a market cap of Dash,  PR Newswire reported.

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